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Your guide to rabbit grooming-

A major part of your pet rabbit’s care is a regular and good rabbit grooming service. Rabbits are low-maintenance pets, that require extra attention to keep them happy and healthy. This is important for bunnies who are wool-producing breeds or with long fur as poor grooming habits can cause their coat to become dirty and matted. It can also lead to common diseases like skin infections and parasites.

Grooming your pet rabbit will provide a wonderful opportunity for a quick and overall check-up. It includes checking the eyes, ears, nose for any discharge, teeth for any misalignment, and the fur and skin for any parasites, bumps, and lumps. Rabbits are magnificent creatures with sensitive and thin skin so you need to make sure you are very gentle with your rabbit grooming services.

Do rabbits require grooming? 

Although rabbits are pretty good at keeping themselves clean, they still need assistance from time to time. That is where we come in. At Cut on Car Pet grooming services, we help your pet bunny to not only look but also feel very good. When you develop a regular grooming routine weekly or monthly, your rabbit’s needs will be well looked at and their coat will be clean and healthy. Our rabbit grooming services include a number of things such as ensuring their teeth are not overgrown, checking ears and cleaning them, brushing their fur, checking feet for sores, trimming nails, and so on.

Common rabbit grooming services:

  1. Regular brushing will help remove excess or extra fur from your rabbit’s coat. If you neglect their fur, it can lead to dangerous hairballs that your rabbit may ingest accidentally. Most importantly, brushing is the best way for your rabbit to become accustomed to regular rabbit grooming. Brushing on a frequent basis can also help prevent their fur from matting. Different breeds of rabbits have different grooming requirements. Our rabbit grooming Dubai  services include using special tools and equipment for brushing to give your adorable bunny the best treatment ever. Please keep in mind a rabbit’s skin is very fragile and thin so we are gentle while brushing them especially when they are shedding.
  1. Bathing your bunny is also very important but they do not really require it unless they are soaked in urine or are dirty. We use plain water and safe medicated shampoos to help clean them thoroughly and gently. A professional groomer then uses a towel to dry them along with a warm hairdryer if necessary. A few perks of bathing also include keeping their fur in check and preventing any dirty and matted fur from forming. It also helps clean any discharge from the nose and ears too. Fleas, mites, and ticks can be detected early and treated with a nice medicated bath. You can keep an eye out for such creatures by watching your pet bunny’s behaviour. Excessive scratching, flaky skin, and head shaking are primary symptoms.
  1. Nail trimming is essential as their nails can exceed the quick (blood supply of the nail) by several millimetres and cause unnecessary problems. Long nails are very uncomfortable for your rabbit and can cause mobility and injury issues. They grow very quickly and are very sharp too. Rabbit grooming involves keeping their nails in the best condition and identifying where the quick ends on darker coloured nails because it is more difficult to see the quick and trim the nails. If your pet has light-coloured nails, the quick is highly visible so that becomes easy to trim. Our groomers use special nail clippers or scissors to get the job done. If you need assistance to trim your rabbit’s nails, then feel free to contact our expert groomers. Under any circumstances, do not declaw a rabbit as it is inhumane, unsafe and not recommended for rabbits.
  1. De-Shedding treatment is very important because of their constant shedding. To avoid this, they can be brushed regularly to remove loose hair and heavy sheds. While some rabbits take a few weeks to lose their old coat, other rabbits lose their coat in just a day. Our Rabbit grooming Dubai services involve

gently plucking out extra furs and using fine combs to get rid of loose fur. This works best for those with long fur. They are also prone to bald spots when they shed and so brushing will help remove any dandruff-like flakes as well.

You can always consult your veterinarian if you notice any indication of mites or any other symptoms that you are unsure of.


So, as you can see routine rabbit grooming services can keep a healthy check on your rabbit’s mouth, eyes, ears, and body. This is not only an excellent habit to practice but can also improve the overall health and well-being of your bunny.

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