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Top 8 benefits of dog grooming:

Grooming plays an important role in the overall health and well-being of your dog. Almost all breeds require different levels of maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best. Not only is dog grooming a part of a dog-parent job description, but they turn out to be a life-saving practice for your furry friend. When your pet groomer identifies certain issues like skin irritations or ear infections, you will be ensuring the safety of your pet. If you are new to the world of mobile dog grooming, then this article is the perfect guide for you. Read on further to find out how grooming can have a great impact not only on your dog’s life but also on yours.

Did you know that your dog’s features like nails, ears, fur, teeth, and more all work together to create a harmonious, comfortable and healthy balance for them? Dead or matted fur can lead to numerous skin infections and ticks. Very long nails can cause pressure and unnecessary discomfort for them. So, neglecting the little things such as simple brushing could cost you your best friend’s life. Lucky for you, Cut on Car Mobile pet grooming services has all the necessary dog grooming services to help overcome all these problems.

  1. Removes painful mats and dead fur- Dog grooming Dubai can be extremely beneficial as it can help remove mats that create an environment for bacteria and parasites. Usually dogs with long, curly, and double coats are more prone to this. Imagine how painful it is getting rid of a knot in your hair, the same applies to your pet. It can cause painful sores as well. Some common spots for matting include the groin and behind the ears.
  1. Prevents ear infections- If you can keep your dog’s ear clean and dry, then that is the best way to prevent ear infections like discharge, foul odour, parasites, bacterial infection, and dark-coloured wax. Breeds that have ears hanging down restrict airflow and trap moisture leading to wax and ear mites.
  1. Keeps skin healthy and shiny-Another advantage of investing in dog grooming services includes keeping your dog’s skin in the best condition. Getting rid of dirt and debris with bathing and brushing can do wonders for their skin. Your dog’s skin can be extremely sensitive so it is important to include grooming for them as a regular practice.
  1. Check for injuries or unwanted bumps- With routine dog grooming, your groomer will be able to detect any unwanted lumps or injuries that you may be unaware of. If it is severe, you can seek medical care and attention immediately.
  1. Keeps nails in perfect shape- If you let their nails grow too long, then it can affect the way they walk. It will lead to painful pressure on the nail beds and if you leave it untreated, it can even lead to arthritis in the toes. Trimming your dog’s nails can be such a daunting task as it is never an easy job. It is for this reason you need the right person for the job with the exact tools like safety clippers and rotary grinder to help ease the experience of nail clipping for your pooch.
  1. Prevents fleas and ticks- The most important advantage of mobile dog grooming is the fact that your pet will be free from parasites like ticks and fleas. Brushing and hot water bathing are the best practices to get rid of these unwanted and harmful pests. The neck, in between the toes, armpits, groin, head, and tail regions are very common spots for ticks and fleas.
  1. Say ‘goodbye’ to shedding- The most common complaint from most owners is the shedding of fur all-around their homes and space. Whether you like it or not, dogs shed all year round. Dog grooming includes simple brushing which helps remove detached and loose fur. You even have the option to shave and trim their furs to keep them cool during the summer as well.
  1. Strong and healthy teeth- Good oral hygiene is important for your pet and helps avoid many dental diseases like gingivitis, plaque build-up and tartar, and more. A professional dog groomer will have the right toothbrushes and paste for your pooch to ensure strong teeth and healthy gums.

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