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At Cut on Car Mobile pet grooming service, we ensure your cat is groomed stress-free. Are you wondering what kind of cat grooming services we provide?

Why cat grooming is necessary?

Cats are the king and queens of self-grooming. They instinctively groom themselves in the best possible way to keep their fur shiny and clean. Having said that, most cats need help, especially those with long fur who are more prone to developing hot spots and serious mats that cause pain and discomfort. Senior cats find self-grooming very difficult and that’s where we come in.

Here is everything you need to know:

  • Brushing your furry baby will help the coat be shiny and healthy by letting the natural oils be evenly distributed throughout the skin. It also helps reduce the amount of fur your cat swallows. It will also help prevent mats and damaged fur.
  • Nail Trimming will help cause less damage to all your home décor and furniture. Overly long nails will make your feline friend walk in a comfortable manner.
  • Bathing them with soothing medicated shampoos will help keep their fur shiny and clean. Cats are extremely adventurous and always end up with dirt and debris clinging to their coat.
  • Regular check on the fleas and ticks with medicated bathing and brushing will help kill and prevent these parasites from clinging to your cat’s fur.
  • Keeps a track of skin infections and dermatologic issues by examining their coat and identifying any signs of symptoms for such problems and diseases.
  • Ear cleaning will help reduce any kind of dirt, wax, and other infections from occurring.

Haircuts recommended for your cat:

For some breeds with long fur or senior cats or overweight cats, fur may become tangled and matted. In such cases, these tangles need to be cut because you just can’t brush them off. We offer attractive and stylish haircuts like lion cut and crocodile cut that are very famous among clients and are best suited for long-haired cats. Our professionals are experts in these styles and we will certainly accommodate you and your furry friend.

Matted fur treatment:

If you neglect your cat’s coat, it can lead to matting of the fur which hardens up and becomes a solid mass. For this, we highly recommend shaving the area so that the skin can breathe in peace. A happy cat will have a clean and healthy coat, free of any knots and tangles. To help prevent matting, one solution is to ask your groomer to do any of the recommended haircuts above, especially during the summer.

Believe us, your cat will thank you later. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to our groomers to help you understand what the result will look like.

Why trimming nails is important?

Let us face it. Nail trimming is such a challenge and nobody likes it. Our professional groomer uses the right tools and equipment to make this experience very calming for your cat. If you attempt to do this on your own, you need to know that there is something called ‘a quick’ that is responsible for delivering blood to the nail. Most of the nails are occupied by quick so the longer the nail, the longer the quick. When you clip their nails, the quick usually recedes naturally so after several trims, you can get their claws to the perfect length. To prevent any unnecessary bleeding and other issues, leave this hassle and task to our experts who will save you the trouble and also few painful scratches.

Top grooming tips for cats:

Cats with long fur need to be brushed often and combing them a couple of times a week are highly recommended. You can use a fine-toothed comb to keep a check for fleas and ticks. Never forget to take them to an expert for nail trimming to help reduce scratching and help them feel more comfortable. You will notice that cat grooming on a regular basis will improve the overall skin condition too. Your cat’s circulation will be stimulated and muscle tone will be improved.


Frequent Cat grooming sessions will help train your cat to start enjoying grooming, and also improve socialization especially if y is the type that is not used to people. If they are not the biggest fans of traveling, then our mobile cat grooming services are the perfect solution for you.

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