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Bird grooming tips to beaks, wings, and nails:

Bird grooming includes intense care for their wings, nails, beak filing, preening or bathing, and more. If you are unaware of how to groom them, then this is a simple guide on how to maintain simple bird grooming techniques. Of course, they are very delicate creatures so it is always better to seek professional help. They use the proper instruments and perform the right method of trimming. Here is everything you need to know on beak, nail, and wing trimming. Unlike the wild, home pets have smooth surfaces and just like our regular pets, they should be cared for.


Sometimes, bird grooming is often overlooked by many owners and if you are looking for one of the top bird grooming services, then our experts at Cut on Car pet grooming services are here to help you every step of the way. So, what are some of the best bird grooming habits for your feathered pet? Well, you are about to find out. Read on further for all the details. Remember, our proper bird grooming Dubai services will leave your pet feeling pretty, happy and provide all necessary preventative care for the overall health of your bird.

Tips for nail clipping:

Imagine how uncomfortable it gets when your nails grow too long. The same applies to your pet bird. Nail trimming is extremely important for bird grooming. Trimming their nails can fulfil many purposes. For starters, it can prevent them from suffering from any foot problems and injuries. Long nails are also a burden for you when they perch on your bare skin. When trimming their nails, it is important to remember each nail has a blood and nerve supply called the quick which grows with the nail. An overgrown nail has a longer quick and if you cut the quick, it will cause bleeding and pain to your feathered child. So, what do you do? You can either book an appointment with your favourite mobile pet grooming service or get a grooming perch until your next appointment. 

Caring for a bird’s beak:

Did you know that your bird’s beak has a quick just like its nails? This is exactly why our groomers take extra precautions when correcting the length of the beak. If you give your bird toys to chew or rub its beak on, then it will help in the care of its beak so in this case, you will not need to trim its beak. If it is growing abnormally or too fast, you should consult your local veterinarian to determine the cause and help your bird to recover soon. Our bird grooming services include filing the bird’s tip with a special nail file to shorten the length slightly without hurting your friend.

How to clip your bird’s wings:

Most bird owners love to let their birds fly inside their homes which is a good exercise for them and helps improve their self-confidence and protect themselves from any dangers. Flying comes very naturally to parrots as they are designed for flight- their respiratory systems, hollow bones, aerodynamic body design, and feathers. Flying is a great form of exercise for them and prevents strokes and heart attacks which are serious health problems for most birds.


Did you know that another important bird grooming service is clipping their wings which helps in the taming process? Clipping their wings will help protect them from flying into objects like mirrors, fans, and windows. If you do not clip their wings properly, then they can seriously get hurt and break their bones when they jump or fly off a perch. What is even worse is that it causes phobias for them too.


If you are wondering how professionals clip a bird’s wings, then here are a few secrets. One way is by clipping the outer primaries i.e., the long wing feathers of one side so as to allow your pet to make short flights. Another way is by clipping both wings but this varies from species to species. The primaries have to be cut as they are the feathers that give a lift when a bird starts to flap its wings. The short and upper arm feathers called the secondary flight feathers have to be left intact because it will give the bird some air resistance in case they fall. Trimming both wings is better to maintain balance. Please do not pluck out their feathers as this is a disturbing experience for them plus there are a number of risks too.


Keep in mind that the wings that are clipped will molt out and then new feathers will replace them in a few months. You need to wait until the feathers are matured fully before booking your next appointment with a bird grooming service. Some birds are strong fliers and can fly even after being clipped so take caution and do not take unnecessary risks by opening the window or taking it outside.

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